For a Great Cause.

I have talked with admiration before about my church, Grace Baptist in Hudson MA.  This week there is a very special event happening that you can help out with.


In partnership with Builders for Christ they are helping restore a church in Marlboro, MA for use by Holy Trinity Anglican Church.  There will be construction all week going from 9 to 5 at 472 Lincoln Street in Marlborough.  There are large and small projects that can take from a few hours to a couple of days.  For skilled and unskilled workers.


This is a great way to give back to the Church.  And lunch will be provided by the amazing Stevie of Stevie’s Eatery.  So don’t be shy and come on out.


Catching up on my hiking.

Summer is here!!!

Ok usually I am not a fan of summer but with the great weather we have been having in New England I can’t help but be a fan.


I am catching up on a hike from last summer.  My good friend Ryan Nilsen from Praise Christian Fellowship allowed me to tag along on a hike last summer to Mt. Ascutney in Vermont.  He even let me bring along my friend Bruce.

DSC02342Turning Point Images-PCF Vermont Hike-1

We meet up around mid day and took the tough way up.  And up.  And up.  I have rarely climbed a mountain with such a constant steep angle.  After a number of hours we reached the top and it was worth it.


The views stretched out for miles.  We had a little lunch, grabbed a group photo and then headed down.


At the bottom we rested for a few minutes before taking off for dinner together.


I am so thankful for friends who are willing to explore God’s creation with me.

A Party for the Ages!


Gatsby, flappers, and gangsters.  These are a few of the word used to describe the roaring twenties, and the Marlborough Regional Chamber of Commerce’s 90th birthday party.


Everyone came dressed in their best.  To the nines.  The dresses and tuxes were to die for.  The vintage cars also added so much to the atmosphere thanks to the generosity of Jim Hickey.


SONY DSCIt was held at the Marlborough Country Club.  Jacquie Smith did an amazing job of making it happen.


It set the bar for Chamber events for years to come!


Teaching and the Senior Center

I have a new gig.  Teaching Photography at the local Senior Center.

It is Photography 101.  The basics.  It is great be able to put together two things I deeply love.  Photography and Teaching.

The first week I was nervous.  Though I have taught for many years and know the ins and outs of my camera.  It is always a work in progress.  I studied copious amounts of information.  I was ready for almost anything.

The ladies who came to my class were nothing to be afraid of though.  They were understanding, patient, and inquisitive.  I really enjoyed that first class and am thankful for all my friends who were praying for me as I taught.

The rest of the classes went smashingly.  I was amazed at the work they did.  It was inspiring to me.

So on this Tuesday I want to give a big thank you to the Marlborough Senior Center and the ladies who made my job easy by being such gracious souls.




Another Winning Photo

Good Saturday.  I have a number of things on my docket today but I wanted to pass along some good news.  One of my photos has been chosen to be displayed at the Worcester City Hall.  The show starts on June 19th.  The work is titled “Industrial Beauty”.  It was taken a few years back in Boston around the Jamaica Plain area.


It is always a privilege to have my work displayed.  And I am humbled to be chosen.

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Ray, Julia, and the Boston Marathon

Until this year I had never attended the marathon.  But this year was different I had the chance to catch up with my good friend Ray.

I have mentioned Ray Zetye many times in the past.  He is a wonderful friend.  His wife Julia was in the race and they were both coming to town.  So we made plans to meet up.


Me and Ray touched base at the Framingham Train Station.  I got there a few minutes early.  As I was waiting I surveyed the scene and took a few quick photos.



Soon enough Ray showed up.  We caught up as we waited for Julia to run by.  Finally in the midst of everyone she appeared.  Smiling she yelled toward Ray “Take off the lens cap” as he tried to capture the moment.  Fortunately I had his back like he has mine most of the time.  I got a couple of quick shots off.


Afterwards we went out for lunch and then parted ways.  My love and appreciation for everything Boston grew a little that day but it will never reach the emotions I have for my friend Ray.

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Marlborough Regional Chamber of Commerce Awards Banquet

Last month I was privileged to be asked to photograph the Marlborough Regional Chamber of Commerce Annual Awards Banquet.


For a year now I have been a member of the Marlborough Chamber.  It is a wonderful organization.  It is ran by Susanne Morraele-Leeber.  She does an outstanding job with a chamber this is always on the move.  Last year the Marlborough Chamber had 153 events.  An amazing number.


The awards following recipients received awards this year.

Umass Memorial Cancer Center at Marlborough Hospital
Minuteman Press
Kathy Ekdahl
Marlboro Nissan
Advanced Math and Science Academy
TD Bank
Michael Kasseris and Karem El-Gamel of the Rail Trail Flatbread Company

Congratulations to everyone who won.

Marlborough Regional Chamber of Commerce

 Marlborough Chamber of Commerce

To find out more more about the Marlborough Chamber of Commerce click here.

Happy Friday!

Little things in life make it so much better.  Today I just want to mention a few of the little things that bring me joy.

1.  Daylight.  I love days like today where the daylight comes out early and goes back late.

2.  The smells of spring.  A couple days back I went for a walk and smelt the cherry blossoms coming out.  It was glorious!

3.  Time with friends.  Yesterday I had lunch with my friend Joline.  We talked photography, life, and had a few laughs.  She is a great photographer and you should check out here work here.  Don’t hesitate she really is that good and it is also her Birthday!

4.  The outdoors.  I have started to slowly, very slowly get out and enjoy the beauty  that spring offers.  I will hopefully get out some more this weekend.

5.  Helping my friends.  This weekend I am taking a trip down to CT to help my friends the Bartons move.  It brings joy to my heart to help others in most any way I can.


Whatever the little things are that make you happy let me know in the comments section below.

Stories and a contest.

It is no secret I love stories.  I love the nuances, the ins and outs, the details.  The way that love show up in unexpected places.  The rush of adrenaline as courage shows it’s head.  The meandering of the road that we are all on.

I am looking for a new story to tell.  Specifically one to tell with my camera.

What I am proposing is that there is someone out there who’s story should be told.  A friend, or relative.  Someone who may be under appreciated, may need a pick me up, or possibly someone who is stellar and needs there story shouted from the rafters.  I am sure you know someone.

So here are the ins and outs, the details.  It must be someone you know.  Tell the details of there story in the comment section below or email me at  The entries must be received by the end of May so you have a little over a week.  I will then choose one of the entries to receive a free photo session with a $50 print credit, online gallery for further purchases, and a blog post telling their story.

Thanks for looking around and go live your story today!SONY DSC

The Stockyards.

While home for Christmas I stopped by the Fort Worth Stockyards.


You may say big deal, your from Texas.  Yes, but even though I grew up in Texas I would not say I am a cowboy at heart.  So it was a bit unusual to be there. I went there to fly in a World War 2 bomber with you can read about it here.


But this post is really about color and perspective.  Lately I have been working on reflections.  Finding them in the most unusual places.  Whether it be in a window or a rain puddle.


It was a rainy night as I rambled around the stock yards.  The rain was perfect for the reflections I was looking for.  Add in the colors and bravadoes that is the Stock Yards.  This is what I was here for.



It was a wonderful evening and the rain just added to the greatness!


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