Stories and a contest.

It is no secret I love stories.  I love the nuances, the ins and outs, the details.  The way that love show up in unexpected places.  The rush of adrenaline as courage shows it’s head.  The meandering of the road that we are all on.

I am looking for a new story to tell.  Specifically one to tell with my camera.

What I am proposing is that there is someone out there who’s story should be told.  A friend, or relative.  Someone who may be under appreciated, may need a pick me up, or possibly someone who is stellar and needs there story shouted from the rafters.  I am sure you know someone.

So here are the ins and outs, the details.  It must be someone you know.  Tell the details of there story in the comment section below or email me at  The entries must be received by the end of May so you have a little over a week.  I will then choose one of the entries to receive a free photo session with a $50 print credit, online gallery for further purchases, and a blog post telling their story.

Thanks for looking around and go live your story today!SONY DSC

The Stockyards.

While home for Christmas I stopped by the Fort Worth Stockyards.


You may say big deal, your from Texas.  Yes, but even though I grew up in Texas I would not say I am a cowboy at heart.  So it was a bit unusual to be there. I went there to fly in a World War 2 bomber with you can read about it here.


But this post is really about color and perspective.  Lately I have been working on reflections.  Finding them in the most unusual places.  Whether it be in a window or a rain puddle.


It was a rainy night as I rambled around the stock yards.  The rain was perfect for the reflections I was looking for.  Add in the colors and bravadoes that is the Stock Yards.  This is what I was here for.



It was a wonderful evening and the rain just added to the greatness!


If you like what you have seen please leave some love in the comments section below.



Rambling Man

I like to ramble, to tell stories, to go off the tracks.


Sometimes it drives my friends crazy.  I even give a little smirk to them when I do.  A little nod to not take things so seriously.  Sometimes I even get a smirk in return.  A little smile that says yea, let’s smile together.

Why do I bring this up.  It is easy to beat oneself up over things you don’t control.  It is easy to see the talents everyone else has and to say why can’t I be like them.  It is harder to see the talents you have.  The gifts you have been given.

What I have is a  gift.  I am blessed with the talent to tell a good story.  To notice the textures, the variances, the subtleties of life.  In the end these subtleties are where the story is.

The Blank Page…

Every day is a blank page.

Waiting to be filled.  It is new.  It learns from the past but does not get held down because of it.


Life is new and fresh!  To live with breath unabated. Waiting in anticipation for the next great chapter.

Recently I told you about my new bullet journal system.  You can read about it here. A few weeks back I changed it up.  I fell behind and became discouraged.

I often get stuck in the past.  Focusing on my failure. Like a thick fog that lasts for days .  The trick with failure is to not think too much of it.  Failure happens to everyone.  Yes everyone.  If you are not failing you are not putting enough effort into life.  Once we fall we have a new slate, that blank page.  Every day this happens we are given a new page.  A chance begin again.

I pray this post encourages you and leave some love below in the comments section.

Styled Shoot at Misselwood


Photography is a team sport.  Something I am convinced should not be tried alone.  How else are you going to learn and grow.  I have found over the years that my photography friends are invaluable to laugh with, sound off with, and obtain inspiration from.

A number of us got together to practice our craft a couple Sunday’s back.  For my none photography friends this is what we call a styled shoot.  A chance to experiment with thins we normally don’t have time for in the course of the chaos knows as the weeding day.


We meet up at Misselwood at Endicott College, a classic grand estate on the New England Cost.  Jaime Ivins, a great photographer and friend, brought a long Misty & Kaari Hayward.  They were recently married and still had that great glow about them.  Shannon Cronin was great at taking the lead and getting everyone together and on the same page.  Even after we had to reschedule a couple of times due to the craziness of the winter we have had in New England.



We had about twenty of us get together.  My great friends Bethany and Dan even drove down from Portland, ME!  It was so great to see them.  Deborah Zoe joined us as well.  It had been a while since we had touched base and it was wonderful to see her.  Also some of my newer friends including but not limited to Gary Young, Jen Araya, Margaret Michael, Linda Barry, and Kendal Beard.


Yea we had a good time and learned from each other.  The teaching, compassion, nonjudgmental attitude that accompanied the shoot was what made it great!  So I have to give kudos all around to everyone and anyone involved!  Loved it!


Our great Vendors were
Models: Misty & Kaari Hayward
Venue: Misselwood Weddings at Endicott College
Florist: Lynn Dipoto
Hair & Makeup: Kelsey Beard
Cake: Cakes for Occasions



Feeding Children Everywhere.

What did you do last Saturday?SONY DSC

Me, I had the opportunity to work with  Feeding Children Everywhere packing more than 11,000 meals.  Yes I said 11,000 meals!!!


We meet up at Grace Baptist for our usual 2nd Saturday community outreach.  The whole morning was a work of beauty.  We had all ages and sizes working for a common goal to feed children. We also had the Go Missions conference but that is a story for another day.


It started with scoops of grain.


After scooping it was weighed and sealed.


In the final stage it was boxed up and prayed over.


It was a great experience that brought so many in our community together.  I would highly recommend anyone to check out Feeding Children Everywhere and see how you can help out.



Bullet Journal

Staying organized is soooo hard for me.  So hard!  Over the years I have tried various ways to stay organized.  Finding a system that works is a never ending battle.  But there is light at the end of the tunnel, or the end of the blog post!

It started with the tried and true daytimer.  I went from one system to another.  But the problem with that I never had enough room in those little boxes.  My hand writing is kind of like me, loud and expressive.  It doesn’t fit in small spaces.

I then changed over to the tried and truthful composition book and then I discovered the quadrant system of organization.  It works like this.  You have four quadrants.  Two of the quadrants were urgent and non urgent.  Easy enough to deal with but the other two were always tricky.  Important and non important.  If it was not important  that why did I write it down.  So that system went the way of the dial up modem.

At the beginning of the year my photography friend Kat Hanafin suggested the bullet journal system and I am in love!  I am a full blown believer in the system.  The big thing is it took away the categorizing which is where I get caught up the most.  It also not a black and white kind of system.  You can develop it yourself to fit your needs.  Drop over here to get a closer detailed look on how it can help you stay organized.


So what works for you?  Let me know in the comments below.





Somedays I just pause.  As I pause a spirit of gratefulness comes over me.  A sprit hard to explain unless you have been given something you don’t deserve.

Today I am grateful that I can wash dishes.  For a few years I did not have access to a sink or a stove like I do today.


Yep, today I am grateful for dirty dishes.

Is there something you are grateful for.  Something you don’t deserve.  Tell me about it below in the comments.

A little more real.


That is what we present to the world.  In our 24 hour Facebook, tweets, blogspheres that is how we want to be seen.  As one who does not struggle.  To have it all together.  To be perfect.

It is a lie.  No one is perfect.  We all fall and get back up and fall and fall and fall.  And get back up.  Life is a series of trials.  We can look at these and see failures or look at these and sees opportunity.  The opportunity to learn, adjust, and go again.


I have days where I really struggle.  The days where it takes energy just to get out of bed.  The days where emotions immobilize me to the point of feeling worthless and not getting anything done.

I also have days where I cherish every thought and moment.  Where the laughs come out of me.  Like water in a stream.  Where I know I am loved and can’t help but pour that love out to others.

For some people it is easy to ignore the struggles.  To ignore the emotions that call you one way or another.  For some reason that is not me.  My life is a roller coaster up and down and up and down.  I am pulled this way and that way with my emotions.  Torn between who I am and who I want to be.

I do know this.  I am loved and desire above all else to show that love to others.  To overcome the days when everything seems to fall around me to get to the days when I can lift others up.  The days when I can help people to tell there story are some of the days that I most look forward to.  To help others know that they matter.  That you are important.  Because in reality isn’t that what we all really want to know that we make a difference and are loved.  I know that is me.

Snow Day!

As you may or may not know I love snow and we had tons of it today in New England!  What did you do on your snow day?

Well I
-Dug out my car.
-Dug out my sidewalk, maybe I should have put that with my car but I wanted to look like I did more.
-Unsuccessfully chatted with adobe twice.  Not a bad thing because I talked to Michael Merritt due to their negligence.  And talking to Michael Merritt is always amazing!
-Posted a gallery of images for a client.
-Made pancakes.  I do love pancakes!
-Successfully came up with a new way to organizer mail.  Maybe I will blog on that latter
-Posted photos to facebook.
-Went outside to take some quick shots for this post.
-Talked to Dr. Leta about some last minute photos.
-Found out the plugin I bought requires another software purchase, bummer.
-Started new batch of sorting laundry.
-Completed this blog post.
-Read my devotional.
-Had a few quite moments with God.

I have to admit I am way to hard on myself.  Do you ever go through the day and think well I got nothing done.  I know I do I so often get hung up on the one little hiccup of the day and don’t see the greatness of the little moments that happened.


I pray that this post finds you content and joyful over what has been happening in your life.

Be sure to leave some love below in the comments and have a great day!